What makes us green?

In a gentle way, you can shake the world.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

What makes us green? We're extremely proud of our environmental stewardship. We love sharing greener options for just about everything in our lives. We think that starts by changing the way we think and then by making our homes as eco-friendly as possible.  Having your home professionally cleaned by the most eco-friendly cleaning company in Seattle is healthier for you, your family, your pets, and especially for the health of our environment. Join us in making a difference. Read more to see how we are green.

What makes us green

How are we green? Everything we use is eco-friendly. Nothing we use goes into a landfill. We don’t use disposable products and everything is either recyclable or compostable.

What makes us green? Taking it a step further:


  • We only use safe and environmentally responsible cleaning products made from natural, plant and seed based ingredients. These products are safe for your home, your family, your pets, safe for our employees who use these products all day, and they're safe for our environment. They're also easily biodegradable. Not biodegradable in a 1000 years; easily biodegradable now.
  • Instead of scouring powder, we use baking soda. Instead of using just any baking soda, we use Bob's Red Mill. Bob's  baking soda doesn't contain aluminum and it's an employee-owned company from Portland. Their packaging peanuts are made from corn and go into the garden or the compost bin instead of the landfill. Choosing baking soda over scouring powder is eco-friendly, but let's take it a step further by getting it from a like-minded, fairly local, employee-owned company.


  • We only purchase products from like-minded companies. If a company sells a green product but also sells chlorine bleach - we'll never support that company. Not ever!
  • We only use products that have not been tested on animals and contain no animal ingredients. Raising animals in captivity (for any purpose) is one of the top contributors to our most serious environmental problems. From deforestation and land degradation to water and air pollution, 51% of Greenhouse Gas emissions in the US are from animal agriculture. Yikes!
  • Instead of using paper towels or other disposable products, we use microfiber cloths which are laundered daily and we use compostable sponges. With one compostable sponge replacing 200 paper towels, imagine the impact we're having. And we take it a step further with reusable microfiber cloths that are laundered literally thousands of times.

Other ways we're green:

  • All of our estimates are given online (and they’re accurate too!)
    • It’s quick, easy, simple, free, and doesn't require a commitment just to get a cleaning estimate from us. Mainly though, it’s eco-friendly.
    • When you consider the environmental impact a cleaning company can have just from driving around giving estimates all day, not to mention the waste of paper estimates, getting an online estimate is a no-brainer. Add the sweet bonus of knowing our estimates are accurate to within 30 minutes and, wow, what an easy choice!
  • We generally work in teams
    • Instead of sending one cleaner to one home and having several cleaners in several cars each day, we usually clean in teams of 2-3 cleaners who carpool to appointments. Instead of having 20 cleaners going to 20 homes in one day, we're taking it a step further by having teams of cleaners going to homes in just a few cars.
  • We schedule appointments by proximity, not by profit.
    • Instead of driving all over the city every day, we have West Seattle Day, Capitol Hill Day, Queen Anne Day, etc. Our regular customers’ appointments are scheduled on days we’re already in the area.
    • Since our office is in West Seattle, we try to start and/or end each day with an appointment in West Seattle.
    • As our name suggests, we focus mainly on Seattle. We are willing to travel a little outside of Seattle when our schedule allows, but only if we can clean more than one home in the area.
    • Scheduling appointments by proximity of each other and having cleaners carpool means less driving between homes.
  • We only accept credit cards and electronic funds transfer.
    • By only accepting credit cards and electronic funds transfers, and by emailing receipts instead of printing them, we aren’t wasting paper.
    • Since we don’t accept checks or cash for cleaning, we aren’t driving to the bank to deposit funds. There’s no fuel spent driving to the bank, no paper deposit slip, no paper receipt, etc.
    • Everything is online and energy efficient!

We take Environmental Responsibility quite seriously and we're always striving to take it a step further. We love hearing suggestions about how to be even more eco-friendly so if you have any ideas, please share. We love it!

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