Rock Star Cleaners Wanted!

ROCK STAR CLEANERS WANTED! We have immediate openings! $25-$35/hour + tips! Pick your work days Clean to high standards Make up to $35 per hour, plus tips Reliability, Responsibility, and Customer Satisfaction = More Money! We clean in SEATTLE between Shoreline and Burien.    Seattle Green Cleaner. You’ve probably heard of us. We’re the leading environmentally responsible, residential housecleaning company serving Seattle customers for 14 years. We’ve earned multiple awards over the years and we…

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How to safely disinfect for Coronavirus

Not today #covid19

This article was originally published on the Green Seal website here. We have shortened the article on our blog. How to Safely Disinfect for Coronavirus Published on: 3/9/2020 By: Nina Hwang, MPH  Updated May 6th  Are you concerned about properly disinfecting for coronavirus while also wondering if there are less hazardous options available? Here’s a primer on how to safely clean and disinfect your space, including a curated list of disinfectants for COVID-19 with safer…

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