Simple Rust Removal

Rust Removal in 3 Steps:

Have you ever left an iron skillet in the sink only to find rust in your stainless steel sink later? There’s no need to use toxic chemicals to remove that rust. Here’s our quick and easy rust stain removal remedy:

Ingredients needed for simple rust removal.

Items needed:

1) Baking soda

2) Vinegar (white distilled)

3) Aluminum foil (made into a ball)

natural remove rust stain

1) Cover the stain with a little white distilled vinegar and then a little baking soda.

stain scrubbing rust

2) Quickly scrub with a ball of aluminum foil, scrubbing in the direction of the grain to avoid scratching.

rust stain removal

3) Rinse with water and watch the magic (science) work!

Rust stains in sink.

Before: Rust stains in sink.

rust stain removed

After: Rust stains are gone.

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  1. Clean Up Your Act – Or Hire a Pro to Do It on July 15, 2016 at 7:52 pm

    […] Stained and scuffed kitchen sinks can be particularly tough. You can use the resources below to find the least toxic product that will clean the sink to your standards. Jennifer Troyer, owner of the business Seattle Green Cleaner, combines Dr. Bronner castile soap and Bob’s Red Mill baking soda to create a soft scrubbing mix that’s her go-to for tough stains. She regulates the amount of grit by adding more or less baking soda accordingly. Old or damaged porcelain sinks call for a light touch, she says. She even has a trick for getting rust stains off stainless steel sinks. […]