Round up cleaning costs in July for a cause


  • Round up cleaning costs in July for Trash Hero (up to nearest $5.00). 
  • Minor updated price starting August 1 ($0.00-$0.99 per invoice). 
  • New website design.
  • OMG, BIG announcement! 

July 2020 – Round up your cleaning costs for a cause

Trash Hero Koh Lanta
SGC Owner, Jen cleaning Klong Nin Beach

What’s Trash Hero and what’s house cleaning got to do with it?

Jen’s involvement
I’m the sweaty one (pictured) hauling trash on Klong Nin Beach.


As you may know, I’ve spent the past five years living most of each year in Kantiang Bay, on the beautiful island of Koh Lanta, on Thailand’s Andaman Coast. After two years building a home, I’m now living in my own little two bedroom villa.

I start work around 2:00 each morning (noon in Seattle), and after work spend the remaining daylight hours enjoying this beautiful island. I’m enjoying working on my home, spending time with my animals (1 dog, 1 cat, 2 hens and 2 roosters), constantly trying to humanely scare away monkeys, going to lunch with friends… and on Thursday and/or Sunday afternoons, doing beach clean-ups with Trash Hero.

What is a Trash Hero?

The Trash Hero mission is to bring communities together to clean and reduce waste. 


Trash Heroes are expats, vacationers, locals, adults, children… anyone who wants to clean up trash.

On my island, we have Trash Hero – Koh Lanta, where we work on cleaning up the many beaches around the island, actively engaging local children with environmental values, and work on local sustainable projects.

When we purchase a Trash Hero canteen, we can fill it with clean drinking water at any participating dive shop, restaurant, or bar instead of using single-use plastic bottles.

“Every week, we clean, we educate, we change.”

OPT IN for Trash Hero

Your house cleaning can help Trash Hero

You’ve hired an environmentally responsible cleaning company, so you obviously care! Since we share common values, I’m asking all SGC customers with recurring cleaning appointments to round up their July cleaning costs to the nearest $5.00 for this cause. You won’t feel the financial effect of $0.30 – $5.00 per cleaning, but the collective impact will be so beneficial to Trash Hero. I may only raise $200 this way, but that 6200 Thai Baht will go a long way in this community.

Round up cleaning costs for a cause
Your July house cleaning can help Trash Hero

Help me raise money for Trash Hero by rounding up your cleaning cost to the nearest $5.00. If your recurring cleaning cost is $302.50, round up to $305.00. If your cleaning is normally $165, please consider rounding up to $170.00. Seattle Green Cleaner will donate 100% of the additional funds to Trash hero the first week of August.

OPT IN to agree to increase your cost per cleaning in July to the nearest $5.00 to help Trash hero.

Feel free to donate directly to Trash Hero.
Jen/SGC will incur the cost of the additional Merchant Fees and is committed to donating at least $100.00 separately. Jen/SGC will not financially benefit from this in any way.

August 2020 – All cleaning charges will be an even dollar amount.

By the end of July, I hope you’ll like seeing an even number on your credit card charge from Seattle Green Cleaner. Effective August 1st, 2020, every SGC charge will be an even dollar amount. If your cleaning bill is normally $192.50, effective August 1st, it will be $193.00. Likewise, if your cleaning bill is normally $165.00, you won’t see a change.

This makes accounting a lot easier for me and helps SGC recover a minuscule amount of the financial losses incurred since March due to the global pandemic.

coins image

Revamped website coming in the next week

We’ve just rolled out our completely revamped website! It’s been six years since our last website overhaul, so this has been needed for a while. I’m SO excited to show you the new Customers page, where you can access:

  • The Client Hub
    • See your upcoming appointments online (arrival time is updated at least one day before cleaning)
    • See all your invoices (since June 2014 when we switched scheduling systems)
    • Request a new cleaning appointment
  • Schedule
    • Book an appointment (this is primarily for new customers or for a home we haven’t previously cleaned).
  • Payment
    • Complete an updated Payment Authorization Form
    • Leave an additional tip for your cleaner(s).

You can also get a new estimate, see our Service Agreement, and see our Satisfaction Guarantee from this page.


The biggest thing I’ve ever done (other than starting my cleaning company in 2007, raising children, and becoming an ex-pat) is only weeks away from rolling out. I can’t tell you all the details right now, but I can definitely give you a hint.

Imagine this whole time you’ve been stuck at home cleaning your own kitchen and bathroom. Ugh! That’s clearly a bummer! But what if you were able to clean your home using something manufactured by the same professional green cleaning service (that’s us!) you normally hire? You’d know it’s 100% safe for your family and the planet, you’d buy it online, and you’d use it between professional cleaning appointments.

Coming Soon: SGC Cleaning Products!

Right. Subtly has never been my specialty.

Though this has been ages in the making, I’ve just started the manufacturing process and am firming up an agreement with a fulfillment/distribution center. I’m manufacturing SGC Multi-purpose Cleaner (and decreaser), Glass Cleaner, and Room Freshening Spray. All made in the USA.

Stay tuned, eco-warriors. Stay tuned!

SGC Cleaning Products coming soon

Reminder about rescheduling/canceling through Phase 3 of Washington State’s Approach to Recovery

As mentioned in this post from May 4th, we require one full week’s notice of any cancellation or rescheduling needs until Phase 4 is implemented. We’ve been operating with only half our staff since the Stay at Home Order was implemented, so even the smallest appointment’s change in schedule is felt company wide. Thank you for understanding.

Thank you for being our customer!

The kindness our customers have shown during this pandemic has, at times, been overwhelming. Thank you for supporting my small business. Your cleaners thank you and I simply can’t thank you enough!

(Jen) Jennifer L Troyer, Green Guru/President
Seattle Green Cleaner ~ For a cleaner home and a cleaner conscience™


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