Results from SGC’s Round up for Charity event benefiting Trash Hero Koh Lanta

Trash Hero benefited from our Round up for Charity event

We did a Round up for Charity event benefiting Trash Hero Koh Lanta. We asked our customers to round up each cleaning bill in July to the nearest $5.00. Though only a few customers participated and SGC matched dollar for dollar, the impact was pretty big for Koh Lanta, Thailand at around $250.00!


That may not be a lot of cash in Seattle, but it goes a very long way in Thailand. Trash Hero Koh Lanta was able to buy bamboo rakes and sieves for future beach cleanups! We also finally found and bought recycled garbage bags!! This may be small, but it’s actually a big deal.


Finding recycled and recyclable bags in Thailand was no easy task, but it made total sense. If we’re going to clean the beach and rid it of trash, why put it inside more trash (a plastic bag)?


The beaches in Thailand often have a lot of vegetation, which easily hides small objects like bottle lids, lighters, combs, and other items that come in from the ocean. The bamboo rakes make it easier to grab those items out of the vegetation and the bamboo sieves help us put only trash into the recycled bags, leaving the sand on the beach. The bamboo itself is sustainable and is made locally by villagers in Thailand. Everyone wins!


Sending a huge thank you to the six long-term SGC customers who helped this little Thai island in such a big way! Thank you for being a Trash Hero!