Companies We Recommend

Seattle Green Cleaners' Recommended Service Providers:

Inside the house

  • Accel Carpet Cleaning - Local carpet and upholstery cleaner with 24 hour emergency service.  They do grout cleaning too.
  • Seattle Grout and Tile These are tile and grout specialists.  They clean, seal, re-grout and/or repair grout.
  • DR Construction - "Nailing dreams to reality." Duncan is awesome! He's friendly, reliable and efficient!

Around the house

Getting the house

Green Cleaning Products

We ♥ West Seattle

Business we support (outside West Seattle)

Green Shopping

Helping Animals

  • Elephant Nature Park - Located in Chiang Mai, Thailand, this is where Jen volunteers for elephants. Can't make it to Thailand? No problem! Please support an elephant online. And check out Jen's favorite elephant, Jokia.
  • Save Elephant Foundation - Dedicated to protecting Asian Elephants, SEF has many projects happening year round.
  • Close to Home Pet Services - Dog walking and Pet Sitting.  They're based in West Seattle and Jen's dogs, Humphrey and Bogie adore them!
  • NARN -  Northwest animal rights network.
  • PAWS -  Progressive Animal Welfare Society
  • Pigs Peace Sanctuary - A safe haven of love for pigs and their friends
  • Vegetarians of WA - Thinking of helping the planet by going vegetarian or vegan?  Vegetarians of Washington is a great resource

Good to know

  • Center for Biological Diversity -  Because the welfare of Human Beings is directly linked to Nature.
  • Story of Stuff - Eye opening, educational, and action oriented.
  • - 350 is the most important number in the world—it's what scientists say is the safe upper limit for carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.