Phase One – Back to Work

Washington's Phased Approach to Recovery

Housecleaning included in Phase 1

Though we’ve been considered an Essential Business since the lock-down, according to Washington State, the Department of Homeland Security, and others, Governor Inslee has now reiterated and confirmed that housecleaning services are included in Phase One of the Approach to Recovery. There have been two charts floating around but as of May 4th, we have confirmation from the City of Seattle and the State of Washington that the below chart is correct. See his video showing housecleaning in Phase One below.

Keeping our customers and our cleaners safe

  • Cleaners will maintain the six-foot physical distancing requirement with customers when possible.
  • Cleaners will adopt other prevention measures such as barriers to block sneezes and coughs when physical distancing is not possible for a particular job task.
  • Cleaners have personal protective equipment (PPE) and cloth facial coverings in accordance with L&I requirements on facial coverings and industry specific COVID-19 standards.
  • Cleaners will frequently wash their hands with soap and running water.
  • Cleaners will thoroughly clean all of their supplies before entering a customer’s home.

Updated cancellation policy through Phase 3 of the Approach to Recovery

All of us at SGC have been quarantined and are officially, without question, able to return to work. We understand that many of our customers are still working from home, not able to leave for work, or are homeschooling children (do we all agree that teachers deserve about a billion dollars per year?).

  • If you’re able to leave during your cleaning appointment, please do. This helps keeps everyone safe.
  • If you’re not able to leave during your cleaning appointment, please confine yourself/family to one area of the home. We can clean that area last or skip that area.

If you choose to cancel your appointment, we need at least ONE FULL WEEK’s Notice of Cancellation via email, now until Phase 4 of the Approach to Recovery is implemented.

  • If your appointment is on a Monday, you will need to cancel before the Monday one week before your scheduled service.
    • Let’s say the appointment you want to cancel is Monday, May 18th. With this temporary policy (until Phase 4 is implemented), you must cancel before Monday, May 11th. (So by May 10th)
    • Our normal cancellation policy is to receive cancellation more than two business days in advance. With the regular policy, if your appointment was on a Monday, you would have to cancel before 5pm the Wednesday before. Now you need ONE FULL WEEK before your scheduled appointments.
  • When customers cancel at the last minute (within two business days), we are not able to fill that space for customers who do want their homes cleaned and our staff find themselves off instead of working.
  • This updated policy has been emailed to each customer who is scheduled for recurring cleanings with us.

Client Hub

Remember, weekly, biweekly, and monthly customers can see appointments on the Client Hub or by visiting the Customers page of our website. The appointment time is updated 24 hours before the appointment.


Phase One - Back to Work

Thank you so much for continuing to support local small businesses, and especially Seattle Green Cleaner.

Jennifer L Troyer, Green Guru/President
Seattle Green Cleaner ~ For a cleaner home and a cleaner conscience™

Phase One - Back to Work