Introducing SMS appointment reminders and other tools for improved communication from Seattle Green Cleaner.

We implemented new scheduling tools in July 2016 that we hope will make your life a little easier, create an environment for better communication and make it easier for you tell us how we’re doing and where we need improvement.

SMS Remindersreminder

Receive a text reminder one hour before your scheduled appointment.
You already receive an email reminder 23 hours before your scheduled appointment.
Now you’ll receive a text message reminder 1 hour before your appointment. This will help remind our customers who usually leave us a key or who simply forgot it was cleaning day.
This should really help those customers where one person wants an email reminder but their partner/roommate/care giver prefers a text message.
If you do not want to receive text message reminders, please email us to opt out.



SMS Updates: “on my way” or “running late”text

The team can text you when they’re on their way or if they’re running late.
This should especially help our customers who work from home, parents working around nap times, customers who want to make sure they’re out of the house while cleaners are there, etc.
We have a 15 minute arrival window. Now, if the team is stuck in traffic or their previous appointment ran long, they can simply click a button letting you know they’re running late or on their way, and it will send you a text message with their updated ETA.
If you do not want to receive text message updates for “on my way” or “running late”, please email us to opt out.
Opt out of SMS


Follow up email with feedback formyour opinion matters

We want to provide the best experience possible and are always looking for ways to improve.
We will send you a follow-up email after your appointment.
We’re asking for feedback on your latest cleaning appointment and to rate the service on a scale of 1-10.
We have created a bonus structure for our cleaners based on the number of great feedback forms received.
Please tell us about anything we need to improve upon!
Remember, we guarantee our work with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If there is absolutely anything you aren’t completely happy with, please let us know within 1 day of cleaning and we’ll come back to correct it.
Satisfaction Guarantee

Service Agreement / Terms and ConditionsService Agreement

These terms of service are designed to help our clients understand the service they are purchasing. These terms clarify and describe our guarantee, exclusions, cancellations and potential problems we strive to avoid if at all possible. With your help, these issues can be avoided to ensure a successful service to you in your home. These Terms of Service define the responsibilities and liabilities of Seattle Green Cleaner and our customers.

We work to earn your continuing business with each and every cleaning. We do not require you to sign a contract for a specified number of cleaning appointments.

By scheduling service with Seattle Green Cleaner, you are agreeing to accept the following terms and conditions.



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