What a year!
Loss, grief, and a comeback.

First, I really want to thank our customers for sticking with us over the past year and for those who couldn’t, I understand!  Like many other cleaning companies in Seattle, we literally lost half our staff in November 2018 and have only recently starting to recover.
And then…

Some of you may know, but this is the first time I feel capable of saying it en masse; my smart and beautiful daughter Sarah, died tragically February 10th, weeks before her 27th birthday. After 36 hours on maximum life support and brain dead, I made the painful decision to turn the machines off. My baby was cremated in Seattle with Thai Buddhist Monks blessing her on February 18th. Along with a monk, I spread half her ashes in my beloved Kantiang Bay, Thailand and the other half at Lincoln Park in West Seattle with my family.

You may have met Sarah. She cleaned for me off and on for several years. She was a great cleaner, a beautiful yet tortured old soul… and along with my son, she was the light of my life.

Long story short, I essentially checked out of my business until late Summer. I own it. It impacted everything I’ve spent the past 12 and a half years building. Sure, I still worked every day, but my shattered heart just couldn’t focus on anything other than shock and grief. Without a doubt, it effected my customers, my cleaners, my quality controls, my company’s stellar reputation, and ultimately, my bottom line. I nearly lost everything.

I’ve spent the last few months taking stock of what’s important to me. Frankly, I’m not ready to throw away my dreams and the business I’ve spent over a decade building from the ground up. I’m now fully staffed again with superior cleaners who truly love cleaning and we’re ready to prove our worth!
From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much.

Jen Troyer, Owner of Seattle Green Cleaner


Sarah Troyer ~ April 1992 – February 2019


  • If you need additional cleaning, email me. We’re ready!
  • If I turned you away because I wasn’t properly staffed, email me. We’re ready!
  • If you left SGC due to our many rescheduled/canceled appointments, email me. We’re ready!
  • If our quality of service dropped over the last year, email me. We’re ready to impress you!
  • If you switched cleaning companies and are ready to come back, email me. We’re ready!

Return to SGC with a cleaning appointment scheduled between now and February 28th, and we’ll take $25 off your first cleaning!

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Elizabeth Gregory Home

Elizabeth Gregory Home (EGH) serves single homeless women in the greater Seattle area by providing transitional housing, a Day Center and case management services. Elizabeth Gregory Home provides a welcoming and respectful refuge where homeless and at-risk women have access to compassionate care.

EGH is very close to my heart. During the big snow storm last February, my daughter’s body was found in a tent in the snow before an ambulance brought her to Harbor View, where she spent over 36 hours on Maximum Life Support. We’d been told by her boyfriend that she had flu-like symptoms; not that he’d left her there to die. My baby died cold and alone. I’m telling you this gut-wrenching story as a plea for help. Sarah refused to use any services, but EGH could have potentially saved her.

Please consider helping at-risk women by volunteering your time, giving donations of personal hygiene products, undergarments, clothing, and other items they so desperately need, or by simply making a financial donation of any amount. If you’re able, please do so in Sarah Troyer’s name.

Learn more about EGH

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