SGC Contractors

Rock star cleaners wanted

$25 - $35 per cleaning hour + tips!


Are you reliable, responsible, independent, experienced and provide great customer service? If so, we want you!

  • Pick your workdays
  • Clean to high standards
  • Make up to $35 per hour, plus tips
  • Reliability, Responsibility, and Customer Satisfaction = More Money!
  • We clean in SEATTLE between Shoreline and Burien.

We require ALL cleaners to be vaccinated against Covid-19.

We have several immunocompromised customers who trust us to clean their homes without endangering their health.

We are the Original Green Cleaner. Seattle Green Cleaner. You've probably heard of us. We're the leading environmentally responsible, residential housecleaning company serving Seattle customers for 14+ years. We’ve earned multiple awards over the years and we continue to have an A+ rating with the BBB, Angie’s List, and other review sites.

Our stellar reputation and the most recognizable name in Seattle's Green Cleaning industry have created a huge demand for our service. We are looking for rock star cleaners, i.e. qualified green cleaning professionals, to help us manage our overload.

Minimum Requirements

  • 2+ years recent professional, residential cleaning experience (you are/were paid as a professional house cleaner to clean inside private homes; NOT hotels or businesses)
  • Have great references from current/recent customers or professional cleaning employer
  • Your own transportation
  • You can purchase our cleaning products at a discounted rate or supply your own eco-friendly cleaning products/supplies
  • Must be legally allowed to work in the United States
  • Pick up keys weekly in West Seattle
  • Your own liability insurance

Free up your valuable time - make money instead!

  • Take on more business while making more money. We've got more business than we can handle without more rock star cleaners. Just tell us how many cleaning hours you need and we'll fill your schedule.
  • Save time and money without drumming up your own business. We'll do that for you!
  • Save time and aggravation knowing we're providing all the estimates (and they're super accurate).
  • Stop spinning your wheels trying to schedule appointments. Our scheduling app is top notch, easy to use, and we pay for it!
  • Stop spending money on Merchant Fees and time spent going to the bank. We take care of all that!

SGC customers are accustomed to receiving white-glove service from the best in the industry. Instead of turning away business, we're contracting with like-minded and very qualified green cleaners, who have a stellar reputation and who stand by their work, AKA: Rock Star Cleaners!

We provide the business and excellent customer service. You provide the top-notch quality cleaning. We handle everything on the back end. We give the estimates. We schedule the appointments (based on your availability). We charge the customer's credit card or bank account. We share the revenue with a very generous percentage of each job to you. You'll buy our extremely environmentally friendly products at a discounted rate or provide your own products (must meet our green standards) and equipment, proof of liability insurance, and sign our non-solicitation agreement/contract.

We pay you as a 1099 Independent Contractor  via direct deposit. The more jobs you take on and the happier the customers are with the results, the higher your percentage goes up. Reliability, Responsibility and Customer Satisfaction all equal more money for you.

If you're a rock star cleaner with the experience and know-how, if you consistently clean to the highest of standards, if you adhere to the most eco-friendly cleaning products and methods, and you want more money without any of the hassle, please complete the form below.



Together, let's make Seattle the greenest and cleanest city in the USA.

Seattle Green Cleaner ~ For a cleaner home and a cleaner conscience™


SGC earned 2021 Neighborhood Favorite