Green cleaning rates/services

We charge for actual cleaning time; not the estimated or scheduled time, rounded up to the nearest 5 minutes per cleaner and to the nearest whole dollar amount.

Our estimates are based on Total Cleaning Hours. The cost is the same regardless of the number of cleaners; Only the duration changes based on the number of cleaners on the team.

For example, Six total cleaning hours:

  • One Cleaner = 6 hours
  • Two Cleaners = 3 hours per cleaner
  • Three Cleaners = 2 hours per cleaner

The exact price to clean your home is based on many factors: size of home, room sizes, surfaces, cleaning frequency, level of upkeep between appointments, number of pets, and the different levels of clutter. Your personalized cleaning estimate will break down the cost of cleaning each area so you can see exactly how the estimate was calculated.

Initial Cleaning and Recurring Service

  • $65 per hour, Monday-Friday.
  • We charge a higher rate for weekend service.
  • 3-hour minimum charge.
  • The first visit will take longer than others but every cleaning we do is a deep cleaning.
  • Our policy is to clean the entire home at the initial cleaning (or at a minimum, the main level of the home, ex: first floor).
  • $65.00 Trip Fee for travel outside the city limits of Seattle unless a neighboring appointment can be scheduled on the same day, based on our availability.

Move-in/out Cleaning and Prepare for Listing Service

  • $65.00 per hour, Monday-Friday.
  • We charge a higher rate for weekend service.
  • 4-hour minimum charge except for micro units.
  • Please note that move-in/out service requires more time than regular/recurring service.
  • Our policy is to clean the entire home for move-in/out services.
  • $65.00 Trip Fee for travel outside the city limits of Seattle unless a neighboring appointment can be scheduled on the same day, based on our availability.


  • Once you've had the chance to enjoy our great service for yourself, recommend us to a friend. Once your friend has us clean for them, you will receive $25 off at your next appointment.
  • There is no limit to the number of friends you can refer or the number of times we'll take $25 off for referring our service!
  • We offer discounts on the initial cleaning for customers who come to us through various sources. It's important to tell us how you found us on the estimate form to receive the applicable discount.

What you get for the money

"All our cleanings are deep cleanings!"

  • We are a "white glove" service.
  • Everything about us is environmentally responsible. Our products meet stringent environmental standards. They contain no harmful ingredients. We only use products that are easily biodegradable, phosphate free, phthalate free, containing no animal ingredients and that were not tested on animals at any stage. We purchase all products in bulk and only from responsible, like-minded companies. Read more about What Makes Us Green.
  • We supply everything needed to clean your home: green cleaning sprays, compostable bamboo sponges, green laundered towels, industrial mops, and HEPA filtered vacuum cleaners.
  • Our employees are paid well and they do the job right.  They are W-2 Employees with higher hourly pay than other cleaning companies in Seattle including: paid travel time, paid time off, paid holidays, paid cleaning hours when the cancellation fee is collected (so they don't lose their hours), weekly bonuses for 10-star reviews, and a company car to use on a rotating basis.
  • We pay our cleaners for travel time between appointments at their same hourly rate as cleaning.
  • Our regularly scheduled customers know exactly which days and times we’ll be there and know their cleaners personally.  Some cleaning companies offer only "morning or afternoon" appointments.  We schedule appointments with specific arrival times and only have a 15 minute arrival window.  If your appointment is scheduled for 11:00 am, cleaners will arrive between 10:45 and 11:15.
  • Our customers receive an automatic appointment reminder emailed to them the day before their scheduled appointment and an SMS reminder 1 hour before their appointment.
  • If cleaners will arrive outside the 15-minute arrival window, they will send an SMS with an updated ETA.
  • We go far beyond what the average cleaning service delivers.  The cleaning items most cleaning companies will only do on a rotating basis, we do at every cleaning appointment!  See our Services page for more information.
  • We have a Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • We build relationships with our customers. We've found that mutual trust, kindness and respect are a winning combination.
  • We are licensed,  insured and experienced.
  • We maintain an A+ rating with BBB.
  • We maintain an A+ rating with Angie's List and have earned the Super Service Award FIVE times!
  • Most importantly, we are the BEST at cleaning houses! Our customers regularly tell us, “You get what you pay for”, and the results speak for themselves.

To see more about what sets us apart, see What Makes Us Green.

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