Green Cleaning Services

Seattle Green Cleaner specializes in quality service, environmentally friendly values, and your peace of mind. Every green cleaning service provided by Seattle Green Cleaner is a deep cleaning! We clean each room from top to bottom, starting with cob webs and ending with baseboards and floors. Most cleaning companies only do a deep cleaning at the first appointment and then offer "maintenance cleanings".  Seattle Green Cleaner is a white-glove cleaning company. It's true, you really do get what you pay for!

All of our green house cleaning services include:

Every cleaning
Remove cobwebs
Wet dust everything (lamps, shelves, picture frames, knick knacks, etc.)
Clean doors, including panels and trim work
Clean light switch plates
Clean baseboards where accessible
Clean window sills
Clean sliding glass doors & French doors
Thoroughly vacuum upholstered couches and chairs, including under the cushions
Clean exterior of accessible light fixtures
Vacuum all floors, including under furniture where accessible
Mop hard floors
Clean shutter style blinds
Tidy the room (fold blankets, straighten pillows, etc.)
Vacuum stairs and clean handrails
Leave each room smelling great
Clean counter tops and backsplash
Clean sinks, drain openings and faucets
Clean exterior of major appliances
Clean knobs and handles
Clean cabinet exterior
Clean table and chairs
Clean range top, exterior of range hood
Clean microwave inside and out
Clean tub, shower, & shower walls
Dry the tub, shower & shower walls
Clean glass shower door
Clean toilets
Clean sinks, drain openings, faucets & knobs
Clean vanity exterior & counter tops
Clean mirrors
Polish chrome

Move-in/Move-out Service:

Assumes the home is completely empty, there is no furniture, all cabinets, drawers and closets are empty, it has been cleared of garbage,  and everything is easily accessible.

Our  move-in/out service includes all of the above regular green house cleaning services plus:

Move-in/out cleaning service
Deeper cleaning of every room since the whole room is accessible
Clean all baseboards (because all are accessible)
Window cleaning (interior) & window tracks (newer windows only)
Clean interior of all cabinets and drawers
Clean closet interior
Clean ceiling fan
Clean accessible light fixtures
Interior refrigerator cleaning.
Clean inside and outside of sliding glass doors and French doors.

Our move-in/out service does NOT include the interior of other major appliances, wall-washing, blinds, garage or anything on the exterior of the home. Cleaners are not able to move large appliances to clean underneath them.

Prepare for Listing/Staging:

Home is only minimally furnished. Includes all of the above regular green house cleaning services plus:

Prepare for listing/staging
Window cleaning (interior) & window tracks (newer windows only)
Clean inside and outside of sliding glass doors and French doors.
Interior refrigerator cleaning.
Clean empty closets
Clean ceiling fan
Clean accessible light fixtures

Additional green house cleaning services available upon request:

Requires additional time which may cost more. We’re happy to do any of the below with advance notice and with the understanding that they were not included in the estimate and will add cleaning time/cost.

  • Refrigerator cleaning (interior, if empty)
  • Counter top microwave cleaning, interior (built-in microwaves are always cleaned)
  • Window cleaning (interior) & window tracks (newer windows only)
  • Wall washing
  • Cabinet cleaning (interior)
  • Light fixture cleaning (where accessible)
  • Clean ceiling fans
  • Clean shutter style blinds only.
  • Changing bed linens (with the understanding that this is not our forte since we are house cleaners and not a housekeepers)
  • Monitors and TV screens (we will clean these by request only and with the understanding that we will not accept responsibility for potential damage)
  • Collect pre-sorted garbage, recycling and compost, and take to outside bins. (We will only take out pre-sorted items.)

Services NOT offered:

  • Interior oven cleaning (there are no truly green oven cleaners)
  • Interior dishwasher cleaning (It is best to run an empty dishwasher with vinegar instead of soap. Although this is an easy task, it is time consuming, therefore it’s a service we don’t offer.)
  • Carpet shampooing and Upholstery cleaning (it is more cost effective to hire a carpet/upholstery cleaner)
  • Exterior window cleaning (we leave that to window cleaning specialists)
  • Inside of fireplaces (To avoid harming our HEPA filtered vacuum cleaners or carrying ash/soot between homes, and to avoid harming our employees.)
  • Anything on the exterior of the home.
  • We do not move large appliances to clean underneath them.
  • Disposal or hauling of construction debris.
  • Post-construction cleaning of items that contractors should clean (removing paint/plaster/grout splatter, removing tape residue from windows, etc.).
  • Handling or disposing of needles (or anything belonging in a Sharps/biohazard container)
  • Removal of black mold (This is for the safety of our cleaners. We recommend seeking a mold remediation specialist).
  • Litter Boxes
  • Animal excrement or “wee wee” pads
  • Diaper pails
  • Ironing
  • Laundry
  • Any kind of blinds cleaning (mini blinds, vertical blinds, wood slat blinds, cellular blinds, etc.). We do clean shutter-style blinds.


  • As a Washington State employer who provides L&I insurance, we won’t allow cleaners to remove their shoes during cleaning.
  • Since we clean our way out of every room, we aren't leaving anything nasty behind.
  • Since we’re an environmentally responsible cleaning company, we don’t use or purchase anything disposable (i.e., disposable booties).
  • We ask those customers who don't want shoes worn in their home to provide shoe covers/booties for cleaners.
  • They MUST have traction on the bottom to prevent slips and falls and to comply with Workman's Comp standards.
  • Washable Shoe Covers – Reusable booties instead of disposable shoe covers.

For more about the services we offer, what to expect from us, what we expect from you, and our terms and conditions, please see our Service Agreement.

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