My Eco Liquid - Products by Seattle Green Cleaner!

Our own line of green products!

As Seattle Green Cleaner's owner, I spent years purchasing products at wholesale and then adjusting them to smell better, work better, have different dilutions for different purposes, etc., while always searching for the elusive perfect cleaning product.

I have created a line of minimalistic green cleaning products that are easy to use, truly work, smell great, and most importantly, are safe for the environment, children and pets. Minimalistic. Safe. Effective. I am very happy to introduce you to our own line of products.

Thank you for being green!

Jennifer, Green Guru/President

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Terms and Conditions
Purchase two bottles of any one product and receive $15.00 off and get free shipping. Valid for the first 100 customers. Offer valid for all products.
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Thank you for being green!

Jennifer, Green Guru/President

My Eco Liquid

 Products by Seattle Green Cleaner

Signature Scent

Our signature scent, Warm Lavender, is perfect in any home. This gentle, slightly sweet scent may just be the best thing we’ve ever smelled! It's a perfect union of masculine and feminine, earthy and crisp. Our Multi-Purpose Cleaner and Glass Cleaner have a subtle scent of Warm Lavender, while our Room Freshening Spray is more pronounced.


We offer two-day flat rate shipping, excluding weekends, for $10.00 in the contiguous United States. We offer FREE two-day shipping, excluding weekends, on orders over $75.00. We're encouraging you to purchase more than one item at a time because buying in bulk is more eco-friendly.

By buying multiple products, or multiple bottles of the same product, you're reducing transportation pollution and reducing packaging waste. The same box can hold one 24 ounce bottle or multiple 24 ounce bottles. We've geared our shop so you can buy only what you need or you can bundle products to save money and create less waste. Our Multi-Purpose Cleaner Concentrate refills TWENTY ONE 24 ounce spray bottles. Now that's green!


To avoid leakage, shipping carriers require liquids to be packaged a specific way. Sadly, that means each bottle must be wrapped in a plastic bag. Do we like this? No! But it is an unavoidable requirement and is just one more reason to purchase in bulk and especially to buy concentrated products. Keep in mind, our 1 gallon concentrate, refills 21 24-ounce bottles. That's 20 extra plastic bags that can be avoided. Our suggestion for those bags: Ridwell.


Have you heard of Ridwell? They're amazing! "Wasting less, made easy. We make it easy to sustainably reuse and recycle your stuff. We come to your front door to make sure your stuff finds a new home."


You'll see a "My Account" tab in our shop. Once you've placed an order, an account will automatically be created for you; making reorders simple.


Thank you for buying eco-friendly products from Seattle Green Cleaner!