Coming soon. Our own green cleaning products!

Green Cleaning Products

Seattle Green Cleaner Products are coming this month!

Green Cleaning Products

As Seattle Green Cleaner’s owner, I have spent years purchasing products at wholesale and then adjusting them to smell better, work better, have different dilutions for different purposes, etc., while always searching for the elusive perfect cleaning product.

I have created a line of minimalistic cleaning products that are easy to use, truly work, smell great, and most importantly, are safe for children, pets, and the environment. After a year of coming up with a signature scent, choosing simple ingredients, deciding on a manufacturer as well as a fulfillment/distribution center, I am so excited to introduce you to our line of products in mid to late March.

Thank you for being green!

Jennifer, Green Guru/President

Signature Scent

Our signature scent, Warm Lavender, is perfect in any home. This gentle, slightly sweet scent may just be the best thing we’ve ever smelled! It’s a perfect union of masculine and feminine, earthy and crisp. Our Multi-Purpose Cleaner and Glass Cleaner have a subtle scent of Warm Lavender, while our Room Freshening Spray is more pronounced.