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We consistently have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, an A grade with Angie's List (We've earned the Super Service Award 5 times! ), 5 Star reviews on, 5 Star reviews on, and 5 star reviews on Nextdoor.  You can also find us on LinkedIn, see our reviews on Facebook and find us on Twitter. Our reviews across the board reflect what most customers view as terrific work.

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What Our Clients Say


"We have been customers for I believe 3 years (time seems to be getting mushy for me), and YES, I recommend them and Jennifer’s team!! I will start by telling you that I am rather picky about certain things and have been through 6 cleaning services in the last 15 years. I have only loved two, the first being a lovely UW student who left us after graduation to be a pharmacist, the other, Seattle Green Cleaner! Here is what I love about them:

  • They use the same cleaning products I use, and love, and a lot of elbow grease
  • The attention to detail is wonderful without disrupting projects or delicate items
  • They are careful with furniture, rugs, floors, etc. while getting them clean
  • The same cleaner is in my home each time (we love him!!!) He is so kind and respectful to our animals and my children
  • Jennifer’s communication with clients is the best
  • She takes good care of her employees making turnover nearly non-existent

They are reliable!!! Never have they missed an appointment or even been late in our years with them
These are just some of the reasons I use them. I have a child who is on the very high functioning autism spectrum, so we are very much aware of chemicals in the environment. He is also prickly about change, and they just bend over backwards to clean his room in a respectful way without disrupting his “projects” and books. If his bed is moved two inches, he notices. I broke up with other cleaning companies for many reasons, but the big ones were inconsistency, wear and tear on my home, missed appointments at inopportune times, and inflexibility with product use. All these issues were solved with Seattle Green Cleaner. I will say the cost is a little bit more than some other cleaners out there, but truly, this is a situation where you truly get what you pay for and then some. I am very pleased to recommend them to you without hesitation. And no, I don’t own stock in the company.

Anonymous in Seattle


"I'll admit this for the sake of endorsing Jennifer and Seattle Green Cleaner - I am absurdly anal-retentive...even borderline OCD. However, I now run my own business and no longer have the time to clean like a maniac, so I finally decided to hire a cleaning service. I've tried other services in the past and always fired them after one cleaning because they usually did such a spotty job, it created more work for me. Not Jen and her team. I was skeptical, having been disappointed with past services, but SGC is EXCEPTIONAL - they clean EVERYTHING and the house is spotless. They use earth-friendly products that smell divine. And they are the kindest, most conscientious, and trustworthy people you could ever have in your home. The same team cleans my home every week, so they know all the nooks, crannies, and idiosyncrasies of my house. Anyone who knows me well would attest that any cleaning service I'm endorsing must be the best in the business - as in THE BEST anywhere in the entire world. They are. Hire them. It's without a doubt one of the best decisions I've ever made - such a relief to leave the work to the experts, not to mention free up my time. Coming home after an SGC visit is like a gift. Thank you, Jen - my only regret is that I didn't find you sooner!!!"

N in Ballard

We send an email after every cleaning requesting honest feedback and asking customers to rank the cleaning on a scale of 1-10.

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