Now is the time for a clean home – March 2020

Now is the time for a clean home - March 2020

We’re all in this together. This is the most important time for a clean home. Now, possibly more than ever in our lifetime, having a clean home is vital to our health. This is the time to have the cleanest home possible. With the spread of Covid-19, we need to take extra measures in protecting ourselves and our families. At Seattle Green Cleaner, every cleaning we do is a deep cleaning, and this includes cleaning…

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Green Drain Cleaner

SGC's Green Drain Cleaner ingredients

  SGC’s Green Drain Cleaner   Grandma was right; an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, especially when it comes to slow and clogged drains. Commercial drain cleaners are toxic to your health and that of your family and pets. They’re also toxic to the environment, especially to ground water, and they can cause pipes to corrode and damage septic systems. There’s no good reason for using toxic, commercial drain cleaners. Before a…

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Orange and clove candle

Why throw out at that orange peel when you can make a candle holder? It only lasts a few days, but the house will smell divine! We put the cloves on both ends of the orange for an extra spicy scent.    

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Simple Rust Removal

Rust Removal in 3 Steps: Have you ever left an iron skillet in the sink only to find rust in your stainless steel sink later? There’s no need to use toxic chemicals to remove that rust. Here’s our quick and easy rust stain removal remedy: Items needed: 1) Baking soda 2) Vinegar (white distilled) 3) Aluminum foil (made into a ball)

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Green Tip (cleaning baby toys)

        Babies put everything they pick up right into their mouths.  So do dogs!  Need an eco-friendly and baby safe (or dog safe) cleaner for toys and other things little fingers and paws pick up?  Once again, white distilled vinegar to the rescue! In a spray bottle, mix together: 1 cup HOT water 1 cup white distilled vinegar 6 drops organic Tea Tree essential oil Tea Tree oil is a natural astringent…

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Vinegar in the laundry room

We’ve posted the many uses of vinegar before but did you know how effective it is in the laundry room?  Here’s a sampling of uses for *white distilled vinegar in the laundry room. Keep lint off your clothes by adding 1/2 cup vinegar to the wash cycle. Keep dark jeans dark (and brighten other colored clothes) by adding 1/2 cup vinegar to the rinse cycle.  If you do this the first time you wash your…

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