23 August 2014

We have a new website, use a new scheduling system and our office is closed through Labor Day while I’m on vacation (still checking email every two days).

We have a new website!

Our new website was just launched and we couldn’t be happier.

It’s been three months in the making and it was worth every second of the wait. Our new website has a “Current Customers” section, where you can easily leave a tip for cleaners and/or provide feedback.

There’s a slider with 5 terrific images (like those above and below) to show potential customers what we’re all about. Did you know we’re the only Green cleaning company in Seattle to offer instant and accurate (which is most important) estimates online?

The new site is clean, crisp, easy to read, easy to navigate..dang, it just looks so good! From the easier to read “Green 101 Blog” to the new Mobile Responsive design, the new site is just so awesome on any device!

Many thanks to WebCami for the terrific website!

We’re so green!

Did you know we’re continually striving to be even more green than ever before? We aren’t just green by name. We can confidently proclaim, we’re the most eco-friendly cleaning company in all of Seattle!

From the cleaning products we use, to our supplies (ex: compostable sponges), to the way we schedule appointments. Everything about us is green! Read a little about our green practiceshere or check out theproducts we use.

Appointment reminders

Our regular customers have routinely asked for automatic appointment reminders over the years. You spoke and we listened! We switched scheduling systems in May. Now our customers receive an automatic email reminder 18 hours before their scheduled appointment.

The “customer portal” is gone, but the majority are thrilled to receive a reminder instead of having to log in to see when the team is arriving.

We’re hiring! If you have a candidate in mind, please have them complete ajob application.

Office closed through Labor Day

Our office is closed through Labor Day, while I am away on vacation. Cleaners will be at their scheduled appointments, Monday-Friday, 9:00am-5:00pm.

If you have an appointment scheduled with us, you will receive an automatic email reminder 18 hours prior to the scheduled start time. All Labor Day appointments have been rescheduled and those customers each received an email from me.

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